News & media literacy, a BBC perspective – with Josie Verghese

In this short video, Josie Verghese (Assistant Editor, BBC News Development & Head of BBC Young Reporter) discusses the BBC’s approach to teaching news and media literacy. Highlighting the resources and opportunities that the BBC has to offer schools and young people, Josie’s talk formed part of the live ‘Teaching news & media literacy – […]

Collaboration, creativity and assessment: In conversation with Padlet

In this session we are joined by Zoheb Jamal from Padlet, an online collaboration tool that has come into its own during the pandemic. Zoheb shares a practical demonstration of some of the newer features and improvements to Padlet. He will also answers questions around how it can support schools’ blended digital strategies, how to […]

Supporting gaming, young entrepreneurs and inclusive online spaces

This recorded session for educators of 11 – 24 yr olds looks at how Rudy, director of entrepreneurship and gaming from the Dreamyard Project in the Bronx, NYC, has been supporting young gamers from underrepresented communities in the Bronx to use platforms like Twitch and Discord to build inclusive communities, learn digital skills and become […]

Learning Bridges: In conversation with Unicef Jordan

In this session CLC’s Sarah Horrocks meets with Jane Courtney, Education Specialist and Gemma Wilson-Clark, Chief of Education from UNICEF Jordan to discuss Learning Bridges: a national blended learning program that links textbooks to technology, school to home, and concepts to practical learning. Learning Bridges has enabled half a million children to continue to learn […]

Blended resource in 60 seconds – Vocabulous

In this short video, classics teacher Lucy Huelin tells us about an new blended appraoch to vacabulary learning – Vocabulous. With funding from the Shine Trust, Lucy is currently trialing her “fun and engaging website which uses Latin roots to help Year 7 students improve and expand their vocabulary” and spoke to use about how […]

How can schools support staff wellbeing this term?

While many restrictions have now been eased in the UK, teachers are all too aware that the pandemic will still have an impact on how schools are able to safely continue their work. A degree of disruption is likely, and this has the potential to have an adverse impact on workload and, in turn, on […]

Microsoft’s Teach forward: Best strategies for hybrid, remote, and blended learning

Microsoft’s latest course will help you identify models of blended learning, detemine the best tools for achieving specific learning goals and plan for reflection and assessment. If you are considering how to make the most of the tools and practices that have been utilised and developed during pandemic and create sustainable blended learning practices then […]