Futurelearn – UCL: Blended and Online Learning Design

This Futurelearn course from UCL  supports teachers in learning design in the context of both blended and wholly online learning. We’ve found previous courses from UCL on this topic very useful.  The course aims to be collaborative draws on the experience of teachers across all sectors who’ve been learning so much over these past two years […]

Do we need a theory for blended learning?

Dr Tony Bates is a Research Associate with Contact North and the author of 11 books in online learning and distance education. During the period of remote learning early in 2021 CLC director, Sarah Horrocks interviewed Tony about his recommendations and insights for learning design, curriculum adaptation and pedagogical approaches when teaching remotely. In this blog, Tony addresses why […]

Microsoft’s Teach forward: Best strategies for hybrid, remote, and blended learning

Microsoft’s latest course will help you identify models of blended learning, detemine the best tools for achieving specific learning goals and plan for reflection and assessment. If you are considering how to make the most of the tools and practices that have been utilised and developed during pandemic and create sustainable blended learning practices then […]

Microsoft’s Hybrid Learning: A New Model for the Future of Learning

This course from Microsoft introduces educators to a hybrid (blended) learning model which utilises Microsoft Teams to create a dynamic learning environment for their students. The course focuses in types of remote and hybrid models, creating a hybrid learning environment and how to ensure engagement and interactivity. Educators will learn about the five elements of […]

Mental and digital wellbeing: a balanced, blended approach

Children spent much of the past year of lockdowns online, felt that living life online was a poor substitute for offline activities, and reported lower wellbeing during lockdown than previously. However, it would be a mistake to assume that outdoors and ‘screen-free’ has to mean, or is better if it means, ‘technology-free’. This blog looks […]

Futurelearn: Blended and Online Learning Design

Futurelearn’s latest blended learning course is produced in collaboration with UCL. The three-week course aims to support teachers to develop their own innovations in teaching and learning online and explores a range of digital tools and resources available for blended and remote learning. You’ll also learn about the Conversational Framework concept; the notion that the […]

Global Accessibility Awareness Day

Ensuring learners have quality digital experiences is at the heart of Global Accessibility Awareness Day. They have a range of resources available to access including links to Google, Microsoft and Apple accessibility features. Given that 98.1% of website home pages as at least one Web Content Accessibility Guideline failures, Global Accessibility Awareness Day campaigns to […]